New and Upcoming Sasha Baron Cohen Films

First came Borat, next came Bruno.  Well, actually, first came Ali G, but it was Sacha Baron Cohen’s portrayal of the fictitious Kazakhstani reporter Borat that launched him to international superstardom.  He is that guy: hated by as many people as he is loved.

His controversial characters delight some while appalling others, but it is the attention and hype that this actor is really after.  Currently filming ‘The Dictator’, Baron Cohen will again personify a pretend man on a mission, this time a dictator gone undercover in Manhattan.

On paper, he is as successful as it gets.  The winner of multiple Emmy awards, he has presented at awards shows and sits back to watch movie studios bid at the rights to his next films. He has created a niche for himself as an outlandish entertainer. Here’s the question: will he be taken seriously if and when he tries to act in a serious leading role?

Confirmed to star as Freddie Mercury in an upcoming film about the band Queen, Baron Cohen will be expected to make himself believable.  Mercury, known for his musical talent and flamboyant costumes, would be a difficult role to play for any actor.  Baron Cohen will have to adapt his improvisational tendencies to follow a script, most likely not written by him.  He will not have real people to interview and mock; instead he will have no props to showcase except his own raw talent.  Unlikely to be a ‘mockumentary’ of those struggling with HIV and AIDS, the film may or may not touch upon the sickness and fight of the singer-songwriter.

Because of his fame and reputation, Baron Cohen’s upcoming projects will be greeted with success wherever they premiere. Put simply, he fascinates people.  He draws an audience looking for surprises, people who want water cooler conversation topics and status update materials.  They will go see any film he stars in for just that: the hope of the next decade’s worth of quotes and funny one-liners. Let’s hope he can successfully conquer more serious and prestigious roles while still taking on the light hearted projects that made him so undoubtedly famous.

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Borat Lawsuits

In my opinion, Borat is one of the funniest characters in television and movie history. His unsuspecting nature and Cohen’s ability to remain straight-faced even in the most ridiculous of circumstances makes Borat lovable and endearing. But there are many people from the Borat movie who don’t think he’s so wonderful. That’s why they sued him soon after the release of the film. Here are some of the people suing Sasha Baron Cohen and producers of the film because they were portrayed in a bad light.

The Frat Boys from South Carolina

Many people have heard about the lawsuit filed by the South Carolina fraternity boys that picked up Borat and his “documenter” in their RV-type vehicle. After a few drinks with the fun loving character, the boys started making off color jokes and remarks about women and other races. The lawsuit states that they were told the documentary was not for a United States market and that the film crew also got them drunk at a local bar before filming their bigoted and sexist rants.

The lawsuit resulted in nothing. The frat boys wanted the scenes removed from the DVD release of Borat but a LA Superior Court Judge did not order this to happen. Next time maybe they will think twice before they spout off about their true feelings when a camera is up in their face.

Etiquette Coaches in Alabama

Remember the scene where Borat went to a well-to-do home in Alabama to learn manners from a couple ladies at a dinner party? Both women say that Borat has ruined their etiquette business and they were both offended at some of the remarks that he made about slavery and other matters, including some rude remarks about various dinner guests.

These women were also given releases to sign before they started being filmed. Just because they didn’t read their releases carefully doesn’t mean they can claim “foul” when they see that they aren’t portrayed in the best light.

The Foreign Ministry of Kazakh

Can you imagine being sued by the government of an entire country? Even if that country is Kazakh, it has to be intimidating. The Foreign Minister of the nation claimed that the people of this small country were misled about the purpose of the film. But they did not have any proof that they were misled by the producers, the film crew or even Cohen himself. Therefore, the court never heard the case and no action was taken.

Each of these lawsuits is frivolous as the people filmed were given waivers to sign before they appeared on camera. Unfortunately, many people let the excitement of being on film cloud their judgment and they quickly sign the release without knowing what it says. In each case filed against Borat, US courts decided there was not legal harm and no alterations were ordered to the release of the Borat DVD.

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Borat May Have Come and Gone, But His Trademark Mankini is Forever

Who doesn’t love the overly rude, blunt, sexist, womanizing and utterly hilarious character of Borat – played by the exceptional Sasha Baron Cohen? The British actor actually loves to play method roles, and is considered by many to be an expert method actor. He even stated in one interview that when he was getting ready to play Borat, he actually lived as the character for nearly a year, acting out every nuisance – verbal, vocal and mental – while readying for the film’s shoot.

One can only imagine how loving his wife is. As it can be hard to be told that you have to live with a narcissistically perverted creature like Borat for a year! Even if his antics are dizzyingly funny on the silver screen, the character is not exactly the guy that you want to take home and show off to your mother.

If you really love Borat, you will have to love him for what he once was and will always be. That’s because Cohen has stated, following the release of the film – which he was awarded several Emmy nominations, an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a BAFTA award, and a Golden Globe for Best Actor – that he would be discontinuing the character permanently, citing that it had become to familiar to the public and he felt the character was no longer unique nor intriguing.

So while the movie, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” may be the only taste we ever get of Cohen’s animated and laugh-out-loud funny character, there are some other ways that you can celebrate one of the most unique and vivacious comedic creations of all time.

Perhaps one of the more memorable scenes in the mockumentary is where you see Borat on the beach with several gorgeous models, as he plays a Kazakhstan citizen who has come to America to make a documentary to bring back home to his people so they can learn more about the Westernized culture.

If you recall watching this movie, in this scene Borat is wearing the most outlandishly funny bikini/swimsuit/thong ever derived. Something that he fondly refers to as his “Mankini.”

So what is the Mankini?

It’s a thong crossed with a men’s and women’s swimsuit. The one Borat wears in the movie looks like a glorified Speedo with a feminine twist (as if Speedos were not feminine enough to begin with). What’s even better is that with summer around the corner, what a perfect time to revive your credulous affinity for Borat by getting your hands on a custom Mankini of your own!

We don’t advise wearing one in public, as you may be charged with indecent exposure. However, you could really drive home some great shock value humor from your friends when donning a Mankini by the pool for a lazy summer Saturday. And they all will know how damn good you look in it, too!


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Wear The Borat Mankini

I am big like a can of Pepsi.”   More like yellow neon can of Pepsi, but who cares? All you need is the guts, and a pair the size of Texas to walk down the beach wearing an original Borat Mankini.  You’ll be the talk of the party and the ambassador of Kazakhstan all at the sametime.  Just image yourself wearing this stunning neon Mankini posing on the beach with all the beautiful American women next to you like just like Borat.  Everybody will want to make a sexy time with you (even
Pamela Anderson) when you show up at the beach or at pool parties this summer sporting the Borat Mankini — the season’s hottest swimwear, thanks to Kazakhstan’s favorite son.  Your friends won’t know whether to feel disgust or awe for your unique (and rather risque) sartorial style – and they may not stay around long enough for you to find out which sentiment won out. But the women will stick to you like grease on a cheap suit. High-five!  I dare you to wear the Mankini and put it all out there for the world to see.  “My name a Borat. I like you. I like sex, it’s nice. These are my country of a Kazakhstan.

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Borat And His Green Mankini

Wawaweewa!  Have you seen the Borat movie? Have you always wanted to take on Borat’s personality and have fun with your friends? Here is the perfect opportunity! The Borat Mankini and Borat Costumes are now available in five, “very nice” colors!

Borat’s humor has its origins in the disruption of social taboos. When the mankini was shown in the movie it became one of the best remembered scenes and has given men the permission to ‘bare it all’ – or nearly all. In 2006 Borat a.k.a Sacha Baron Cohen wore the green mankini to the Cannes Film Festival. This was greeted with shock, revulsion, laughter and a certain ‘good-for-you’ from men around the world.  Now thousands have been courageous enough to wear the original mankini.

You too can now have the same shock value when you appear at a party or function!  Just add the Borat Eurasian Traveler Wig and Moustache Set and your look is complete.

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