Borat And His Green Mankini

Wawaweewa!  Have you seen the Borat movie? Have you always wanted to take on Borat’s personality and have fun with your friends? Here is the perfect opportunity! The Borat Mankini and Borat Costumes are now available in five, “very nice” colors!

Borat’s humor has its origins in the disruption of social taboos. When the mankini was shown in the movie it became one of the best remembered scenes and has given men the permission to ‘bare it all’ – or nearly all. In 2006 Borat a.k.a Sacha Baron Cohen wore the green mankini to the Cannes Film Festival. This was greeted with shock, revulsion, laughter and a certain ‘good-for-you’ from men around the world.  Now thousands have been courageous enough to wear the original mankini.

You too can now have the same shock value when you appear at a party or function!  Just add the Borat Eurasian Traveler Wig and Moustache Set and your look is complete.

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