Borat Lawsuits

In my opinion, Borat is one of the funniest characters in television and movie history. His unsuspecting nature and Cohen’s ability to remain straight-faced even in the most ridiculous of circumstances makes Borat lovable and endearing. But there are many people from the Borat movie who don’t think he’s so wonderful. That’s why they sued him soon after the release of the film. Here are some of the people suing Sasha Baron Cohen and producers of the film because they were portrayed in a bad light.

The Frat Boys from South Carolina

Many people have heard about the lawsuit filed by the South Carolina fraternity boys that picked up Borat and his “documenter” in their RV-type vehicle. After a few drinks with the fun loving character, the boys started making off color jokes and remarks about women and other races. The lawsuit states that they were told the documentary was not for a United States market and that the film crew also got them drunk at a local bar before filming their bigoted and sexist rants.

The lawsuit resulted in nothing. The frat boys wanted the scenes removed from the DVD release of Borat but a LA Superior Court Judge did not order this to happen. Next time maybe they will think twice before they spout off about their true feelings when a camera is up in their face.

Etiquette Coaches in Alabama

Remember the scene where Borat went to a well-to-do home in Alabama to learn manners from a couple ladies at a dinner party? Both women say that Borat has ruined their etiquette business and they were both offended at some of the remarks that he made about slavery and other matters, including some rude remarks about various dinner guests.

These women were also given releases to sign before they started being filmed. Just because they didn’t read their releases carefully doesn’t mean they can claim “foul” when they see that they aren’t portrayed in the best light.

The Foreign Ministry of Kazakh

Can you imagine being sued by the government of an entire country? Even if that country is Kazakh, it has to be intimidating. The Foreign Minister of the nation claimed that the people of this small country were misled about the purpose of the film. But they did not have any proof that they were misled by the producers, the film crew or even Cohen himself. Therefore, the court never heard the case and no action was taken.

Each of these lawsuits is frivolous as the people filmed were given waivers to sign before they appeared on camera. Unfortunately, many people let the excitement of being on film cloud their judgment and they quickly sign the release without knowing what it says. In each case filed against Borat, US courts decided there was not legal harm and no alterations were ordered to the release of the Borat DVD.

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