Borat May Have Come and Gone, But His Trademark Mankini is Forever

Who doesn’t love the overly rude, blunt, sexist, womanizing and utterly hilarious character of Borat – played by the exceptional Sasha Baron Cohen? The British actor actually loves to play method roles, and is considered by many to be an expert method actor. He even stated in one interview that when he was getting ready to play Borat, he actually lived as the character for nearly a year, acting out every nuisance – verbal, vocal and mental – while readying for the film’s shoot.

One can only imagine how loving his wife is. As it can be hard to be told that you have to live with a narcissistically perverted creature like Borat for a year! Even if his antics are dizzyingly funny on the silver screen, the character is not exactly the guy that you want to take home and show off to your mother.

If you really love Borat, you will have to love him for what he once was and will always be. That’s because Cohen has stated, following the release of the film – which he was awarded several Emmy nominations, an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a BAFTA award, and a Golden Globe for Best Actor – that he would be discontinuing the character permanently, citing that it had become to familiar to the public and he felt the character was no longer unique nor intriguing.

So while the movie, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” may be the only taste we ever get of Cohen’s animated and laugh-out-loud funny character, there are some other ways that you can celebrate one of the most unique and vivacious comedic creations of all time.

Perhaps one of the more memorable scenes in the mockumentary is where you see Borat on the beach with several gorgeous models, as he plays a Kazakhstan citizen who has come to America to make a documentary to bring back home to his people so they can learn more about the Westernized culture.

If you recall watching this movie, in this scene Borat is wearing the most outlandishly funny bikini/swimsuit/thong ever derived. Something that he fondly refers to as his “Mankini.”

So what is the Mankini?

It’s a thong crossed with a men’s and women’s swimsuit. The one Borat wears in the movie looks like a glorified Speedo with a feminine twist (as if Speedos were not feminine enough to begin with). What’s even better is that with summer around the corner, what a perfect time to revive your credulous affinity for Borat by getting your hands on a custom Mankini of your own!

We don’t advise wearing one in public, as you may be charged with indecent exposure. However, you could really drive home some great shock value humor from your friends when donning a Mankini by the pool for a lazy summer Saturday. And they all will know how damn good you look in it, too!


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