Borat Mankini Swimsuit

The Officially Licensed Borat Mankini will definitely be a big hit wherever you wear it.

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Available in 7 Colors

Lime Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Hot Pink or Black. Our comfortable Spandex Mankini is the only Officially Licensed Borat Swimming Suit

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    Prompt delivery with the 2 day service. Got my mankini just in time for the beach vacation. Great product and fast delivery. I recommend!

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    I would highly recommend this swimwear to any man, who would like to show off their body.

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    This is the exact mankini that borat wore! Too funny!

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    Bought this for a Tight & Bright theme party and it delivered.

The Trademark Borat Mankini Swimsuit

Who doesn’t love the overly rude, blunt, sexist, womanizing and utterly hilarious character of Borat – played by the exceptional Sasha Baron Cohen?

The British actor actually loves to play method roles, and is considered by many to be an expert method actor. He even stated in one interview that when he was getting ready to play Borat, he actually lived as the character for nearly a year, acting out every nuisance – verbal, vocal and mental – while readying for the film’s shoot.

One can only imagine how loving his wife is. As it can be hard to be told that you have to live with a narcissistically perverted creature like Borat for a year! Even if his antics are dizzyingly funny on the silver screen, the character is not exactly the guy that you want to take home to your mother.